Can’t add (or replace) video

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    I’m having trouble adding a new video to my page of vids:

    At first I thought perhaps there’s simple a limit as to how many you can have on a page (I have 19 on there now), but it also doesn’t work if I try to replace an existing video with a new one. I am doing this by copying the shortcode for the new video, and pasting it in either the HTML and the Visual areas (where all other videos have worked fine). Neither approach are working now. Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is



    1) I believe you need the space and/or video upgrade to psts videos
    2) without the space upgrade, all files combined are limited to 2 GB.


    Yes, I have those upgrades—I have up to 5GB space available, I’m not even remotely close to that.
    I’ve uploaded a new video to my Media, I just can’t get it to appear in the Page!

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