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Can't add php script in page editor

  1. How do you add a php code snippet to the html of a page? Everytime I click on "edit HTML" the new window pops up with the HTML code and I insert my php code. However, after saving, it deletes all the php. Is there something I'm missing?

  2. thistimethisspace

    You can't if you have a blog as I explained in this thread is a wp-MU multiuser blogging platform and we cannot access our edit our underlying php files.

    If you have downloaded software from which is different from software then you are in the wrong forum go here ->

  3. not sure I quite understand the topic you posted, my theme works fine, it's just trying to use php in the manage/pages tab

  4. If you wanna post examples of .php code, I'd suggest to use the 'code' view and then use <pre> tags:

            echo "Hello World!";


  5. thistimethisspace

    Please post a link to your blog.

  6. If I understand the OP's question, he's trying to post samples of code (like what I'm doing on my blog). Hence, my suggestion above.

  7. thistimethisspace

    OOPS! sorry - I misunderstood {redfaced} :(

  8. yes, I did download from, sorry for the confusion

  9. It seems I misunderstood him... my bad.

  10. thistimethisspace

    *ROTFLOL* :D
    It does seem that the misunderstanding was not on this end at all.

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