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    I woke up this morning and found that I could no longer add usernames to my private reader list under the “privacy settings” tab.

    Instead there is now a link which says “Invite others to your blog”, but when I click this, I get taken back to the dashboard.

    Please Help!

    The blog I need help with is



    Having the same problem. Hope it gets fixed asap.



    Is it possible that you’ve hit the 35 user limit?



    I got 10 users so far, so it can’t be…



    Other people are reporting the same problem. I’d report it to staff via support at WordPress dot com email and see what they say. I think they’re probably tinkering with it right now.


    Howdy all,

    Thanks for the report – we are aware of the issue and working on it.



    @coffeemanmatt: Someone in the French forums is reporting problems adding an editor, author, etc.? Is this related?


    Hey folks,

    We just rolled out new functionality that unifies the experience of inviting a new user to your blog. We haven’t announced this yet though (still working on the post). The form includes three fields: a username or email address, the role, and an optional personal message. If you enter a username, it will look up and use their email address. If you enter an email address, the invitation will be sent to the email address.

    @airodyssey The user ‘mmedejantee’ should be able to use existing usernames in the new form. Can you convey that information, and then ask if it works properly for them? I’m happy to take further feedback on this thread.



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    Thanks for this fast reply, but I still don’t see why the invites I sent yesterday have disappeared. Are they still valid even if not shown?


    Yes, they should be valid and still work. If they don’t, please let us know. You can always send them again.



    This is terrible.

    I need to add users immediately.

    Inviting them to join just adds an extra step.



    Thanks. Amazing to find a forum for a change where you can actually get a pertinent and rapid answer. BRILLIANT.


    I agree with parkerbinion. When I have the user’s email and they are already registered, I should be able to add them immediately. Seems like an unnecessary hassle.


    Thanks for the quick fix, love the work!… but this new feature is horrible!

    Why fix something if it ain’t broke?



    I have to agree! It seemed to be working fine and now it’s a mess …..



    You can always send them again.

    Indeed, but may I suggest an improvement? Make it possible to import an Excel list into the “invites” module. That would save a LOT of time!


    @nemoinsula Suggestion duly noted :)



    Yeah, I’m not liking the extra step either. Also, does the subject of the email it sends have to be “[yourblog] has invited you to follow [yourblog]”? I’m not inviting people to follow the blog; I’m inviting them to contribute.



    I had it yesterday “Add New User” on the dashboard >>> Users; and it worked. Today it is gone….


    I have to agree. The majority of the authors on my private blog are not very internet-literate and this “invite” option is just adding unneeded confusion. Please reinstate the “add user” function immediately.

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