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    I am a teacher running a group blog with first time WP users. In the past three weeks, I have invited all 22 students, and many have not received their invites. I have deleted original invites and resent them. Now the list of the invites I had sent is suddenly missing, so I can no longer monitor the people who have not yet responded. . .

    Also, a number of my invitees are NOT seeing our blog ( listed under “My Blogs” when they log in through, even though I have invited them to be authors. Even if they log in via they’re not seeing a dashboard. If you could run this issue on one of my users, fayt44, I would greatly appreciate it.


    I too need to add new users very quickly. I have added one, but, she does’nt appear in my liste of users, nor in the gravatars/names of the users displayed in my front page, this is very disturbing for me and her (we build a social network…). Thanks for fixing it quicly.


    This simply does not work. New people invited can join WordPress, but then it does’t link them to my blog and they don’t show up in my users tab.


    repeating the send invite process twice ends up working even though it is a little confusing



    OK I try with my user ! Thanks



    Wow – I just spent the last four hours trying to figure out what happen to the “Add New” option in the USER Section and even tried using the “Invite New” – numerous times which doesn’t seem to work well either. A few days ago, I was able to add two additional users and make them authors – NOW, I can’t add users as authors or editors. I am utterly surprised to finally find out that my issues with WordPress has been caused by an arbitrary change. I spent $99 to get some of the upgrades or pro features and now I can’t get my group connected to my blog.

    I truly hope this issue is fix very very soon and if not, please return WordPress back to the way it was a few days ago. Also, sure do wish we had the option to accept or decline these types of changes. SEE YA!


    There are numerous real bugs with WordPress that staff could spend time fixing…..

    If it ain’t broke, don’t “fix” it!


    I have sent and re-sent a user invite to the same person more than 10 times in the last 3 days, and still they do not show up as a user on the blog user list. I even added them as various different user roles, but STILL nothing, and now I’ve spent DAY/HOURS on this thinking it might be me that is broken, until I found this forum thread.

    In addition, the invitation list indicates that the ‘invite’ has not been accepted when, in fact, it has. What gives? This thread started 4 days ago – is there a fix in sight? Please?



    First, please make sure that the users you’re adding have accounts, as they cannot be added without one.

    If they do not have accounts, you’ll need to invite them. Invitations should now create an account and add the user to the blog (the adding user step previously needed to be domain manually by the blog’s admin), so if they have not received their invitation, I recommend asking them to check their spam folder.


    I have read all the discussion above and found no solution to my problem, except that I am not alone:
    The ‘New user’ option is absent in the ‘Users’ menu of my blog and this is really confusing.
    I also hope that the bug will be corrected soon.



    You’ll need to invite them to your blog via Users -> Invite New in your Dashboard.



    Ok…If I’m understanding this correctly, this really is an upgrade. It’s a little unclear from what macmanx says (maybe English isn’t his first language?) but I think if I add someone who has a WordPress account already, I can just add them with the role I want to assign them. If they don’t have a WordPress account, it emails them asking that they sign up, and then they are automatically added with their assigned role. Is that correct?

    If so, that’s great! I would still suggest making that much clearer on the WordPress invite users page, because right now there is no indication of this functionality.



    I invited 6 People to my New The Dark Globe Blog, and so far none of them have Accepted. I know 4 of them said they were going to, but the Status on my Dashboard still says “Waiting”. I’m not sure if it’s not working, or if they just haven’t “Accepted” yet. Is that what they’re supposed to do, Click “Accept” or something on the E-mail? or do they just receive an Invite, and all they have to do is go to their Dashboard, go to “My Blogs” and access my Site?

    I don’t really want to keep hitting Resend, don’t want them to receive a bunch of E-mails from me.

    Any info. is appreciated.



    This topic is NOT resolved, there is absolutely no way to add users to a blog right now, and it’s disappointing that no one from WordPress has even attempted to address this.



    I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.



    Two of my 6 Invited have now gotten on, not sure if they followed the Instructions I E-mailed them about checking “My Blogs” on their Dashboard, or if just the Invites themselves worked.


    @timethief Thanks.
    I even created a new username, and then tried inviting that new name to my blog (to see if other people I invited were doing something wrong) but still nothing happens. The invite to the new username stills “waiting” even though I just accepted it, and the new username is still not added to the list of contributors. Ugh.


    Hey folks,

    Just wanted to clear things up the best I can on how we’ve implemented this new feature.

    First, the goal was to simplify the process of inviting someone to participate in your blog, either as an administrator, follower, or otherwise. Although things have changed a bit, we think you’ll find it’s ultimately a better approach (especially because we have a few other neat features in the pipeline). Previously, we had a few different ways you could do this, and they all worked slightly differently.

    Here are the key points:

    • Invites are opt-in – By inviting someone to participate in your blog, you’re doing exactly that: inviting them. They’ll need to accept the invitation by clicking on the activation link in order to be subscribed to your blog by email or use their new role (and show up in your list of users). Until they accept, they’ll show up as “waiting” in the list of past invitations, they won’t show up in your list of users, and you’re welcome to resend or delete the invite.
    • You can invite users and non-users alike – Our system will look up email addresses and usernames your enter, and make sure the invite gets sent to the appropriate person. If they aren’t registered yet on, the invitation will ask them to create an account before they accept.
    • Inviting works for all roles – If you have a private blog, you’ll notice things change slightly in that you can invite someone to be a “viewer” which essentially gives them permission to view your private blog.

    If you’ve run into what you think is a bug, the best way to get our attention is by contacting the Happiness crew and giving them the details on what you’ve come across, the blog it happened on, etc.

    Hope this helps to clarify,



    This has been a nightmare and still does not work at all like described. Before I spam more people with invites, I tried again to invite a new username I created, then signed in with that username to accept the invitation, and then nothing happens. The blog still says “waiting” for it to be accepted and clicking the acceptance does not result in a new contributor being listed on the blog. How is this at all easier than having an “add user” button for people already on WordPress?



    Not to worry about duplicated comments. Staff ie. danielbachhuber
    Code Wrangler has indicated above that you must file a support ticket with Staff

    P.S. re: ability to edit comments. Not everyone here is an adult. We have been there, done that, and don’t don’t want to return to that scenario.

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