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Can't add usernames to Privacy list

  1. I created a new user and invited him to my private blog as "Author". He accepted, logged in and then
    - he is Viewer,
    - he does not appear in the list of Users of my private blog,
    - the invitation is still "waiting".
    When I read this nightmare thread: Currently Worpress it is not usable, sorry.

  2. When I read this nightmare thread: Currently Worpress it is not usable, sorry.

    please fix ASAP !!!!

  3. fabiankoch

    Have you contacted Staff directly and provided all your details to them so they can assist you? After you use the searchbox, under the search results, at the bottom of the page there will be a section that says “Have you found the answer to your question?” You can choose either “Yes I found the answer to my question.” or “No I didn’t find the answer to my question and I would like to contact support for help.” The no option will reveal the contact form.

  4. @oops!
    I meant to direct that comment above to both @klauspetry and @fabiankoch

  5. I was sent an invite to be a viewer on a private blog. The invite said I needed to create a WordPress acocunt (which I did) and then click the "Accept Invitation" button which I also did. It just takes me to the WP homepage and does not add me to the viewer list. Help?

  6. Buggy buggy buggy...

    We recently tried to add a user to our private blog, and then of course had to search to find out what's happened with the Add User box (honestly, why not put some information on that screen so we don't have to wonder what has happened?????).

    If this change is integrating the two different user systems then I'm happy as I find it a bit silly the way it works now... but as mentioned many times above when the invitee clicks to Accept Invitation it simply doesn't work! The invitation is still waiting and they can't read our blog!

    As a workaround, our invitee requested access to our blog, which I was then able to approve, so now he's OK, but this is obviously not a great solution.

  7. I am having the same experience as the other administrators. We paid to have a private blog with more than 35 users. I set it up with the initial group of users, but when a new user needed to join last week, I couldn't add him. He joined WordPress and I invited him to the blog, he tried to enter and I got an email from WordPress asking if I wished to allow him in. I clicked the button to grant entry, but he has never appeared on the list blog members and can't get in. There is a link in the email sent by WordPress that purports to show you all your users. When I click that link, his username is on the list, but still not in the Dashboard list of users. The list shown through the email only shows 10 users, when in fact there are 41. Something is wrong.
    Please restore the Add New User link. That worked just fine. This new system is not working at all.
    I did contact support, explained the situation, and got a response suggesting that I send this person an invitation. He doesn't need another invitation as he has already joined WordPress and requested access to the blog; he just needs to be added to the blog so he can get in.

  8. I concur with amyodo. This is a serious problem which needs immediate fixing, i.e.,reliable functionality; if necessary, a return to earlier options. I am nearly ready to 'fieldtest' my blog with naive users who are not WordPress savvy. They need something that works on their first try, without repeated poking and prodding and tweaking. Under current circumstances, they'll give up, just won't participate. And that would defeat the purpose and objective of the blog.

  9. Hi guys. If you're running into trouble or pain points with it can you get in touch with us directly with the details?

    That will be the best way for us to sort out things like access to private sites and any potential bugs that you're running in to. Thank you.

  10. same problem:
    it does not seem to be possible to send an non-wordpress user an "invite": She then registers but does then only have her personal blog (which she does not need) but can still not post on my blog (which was the only reason why she was "invited" as an author in the first place)

  11. @groni50
    Please read the Staff comment immediately above your own and act on it.

  12. I have six active blogs in and now I intended to create a blog to a customer of mine, and make him an user with permissions to add articles. Well, not anymore. Considering these changes I will just use another blog system.

  13. Hi everybody,

    I can't add any new user and this is really annoying. I have tried everything for hours... And it appears that I do not have any 'add new user' tab.
    Moreover, when I created my blog a few months ago, I wanted to create a co-administrator (I am still trying to do it, and that is why I am trying to invite a new user), but I don't know what happened... The person received my invitation e-mail and signed up, but her profile was somehow blocked. I deleted her because we could not do anything with her profile, but now when I try to send her a new invitation, it says something like 'invite emails blocked' and basically I can't invite her any longer.
    I hope that what I've just written is clear...

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  14. ushawmoormemories

    I can understand the latest changes for invites of NON wordpress users. But if the user has a wordpress username,, durind the invite process after clicking the ACCEPT from the email they are just taken to a login page, I think you should have some sort of desc. on that login page,, eg Ushaw Moor Memories is inviting you to be a Contributor etc. rather than just a generic login page.


  15. Making sure that they have a WP account does not help because when I try to set one up, WP recognizes the e-mail address used and won't accept it. Then I go back to the invite user list and delete the invite and retry.

    No dice. Guess the rubber band broke.

  16. Very poor show and pathetic. I've waded through 4 months worth of complaints and you still can't resolve the problem. I don't think Blogger has this problem.

  17. @craigd777
    After noticing you have only posted once into this thread and that you failed to state what your issue is or provide any deatils about any issue you may be experiencing on your own blog(s), I clicked the "member" link under your username and iscovered you have yet to post a thread on this issue. If you do indeed experience this issue in regard to your own blog(s) please click the help link on the top right hand corner of your Admin page and report it to Staff. Otherwise it may appear to others that the only reason you dug up this thread and posted to it was to make a troll comment and I'm sure you wouldn't want to create that impression.

  18. Invite new user function is currently not working....going by this forum it doesn't appear to have been functioning for some time?

    Invitee is just not receiving the invitation. Have resent, deleted, resent again. Changed role, checked spam - nothing, nada.

    Haven't found a way to contact support either....hopefully some "happiness" engineers sees this.

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