cant add youtube video, even after reading FAQ

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    hi .. i read the thing in the FAQ about uploading a youtube video, but is just dosent appear

    this is teh code i added:

    [ youtube=]
    (the original does not have a space between [ and y )

    so i donno what i am doing wrong
    if you wanan check it out to see what is happening, my blogs url is:

    Hope you can help, thanks



    There are threads in the forum search box on this maybe you should check them out while you’re waiting for staff to get to your question. I don’t know which thread will be useful but there’s one to check out



    It’s because you wrote it in Word.

    Word is a bad thing.

    Click the HTML tab.
    Remove everything except the link needed.



    I’ve got the same problem as insearchoffootball. Checked the topics, used HTML tab (nothing happens with that) and keep on trying, with no results. Can you help me?



    Jazz, we have to see what you are doing. Please provide an example and make sure that you’re following the instructions as well. Else we just have to guess as to what you are doing.



    There was an issue with the HTML tab last night. Try it in your normal editor, but do NOT paste it in. Type it in. See if that works. I’ve been posting YouTubes like a maniac and they all work.

    If you’re getting a white box instead of a video, though, what’s happening is that your cache is overloaded. It’s just your computer, everyone else will be able to see it fine. Clear it out and do a restart; this always solves the problem for me.



    Thank you guys, it was easier than I thougt.



    I know what you mean: YouTube and Odeo support here is so simple that you just sit there and go “THAT’S IT???” when you’re done. I tried all kinds of complicated things before finally doing the “too simple to work” thing and it worked.

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