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Can't automatically share on Face book.

  1. I'm having an issue with the publicize to FB. It has worked in the past but now will not. I don't have any problems with the Twitter account. I've disconnected and reset my apps on FB twice but it still doesn't work. When I check out a post in edit both accounts have checks next to them in the publicize section but they are grayed out and I have not option to uncheck or recheck them.
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  2. Just to be sure, did you follow the guide at including the crucial app deleting step?

  3. Yep have done all that. I have to manually go to my newest post and click on share to Facebook.

  4. Are you connecting to your personal wall or a Facebook page? If it's a page, is this a page-only account, or is it part of your personal account?

  5. It's my profile page.!/Appalisa
    It used to work. This is the only FB page I have.

  6. Ok, in step 2, when you click Disconnect, do you see the message confirming that you have been disconnected? If so, refresh that page. Does it still say Connected after the refresh?

  7. Yep I'm doing it again. It says connect to FB. I went a closed the app on FB as well.

  8. I've just reset everything and posted a test post. Still nothing. I'm using Windows Live Writer for posts. Does that have anything to do with it? It publishes to my blog and shares to Twitter just fine.

  9. Sorry for the trouble! We're looking into this. It is definitely not related to using Live Writer.

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