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Can't change avatar

  1. I want to change my avatar... but I can't find the place to enter in what photo I want to use... Its nowhere in the Edit Profile page!


  2. djn25
    Please provide a link to your blog starting with:

  3. Hi - I've got the same problem. My Blog is at:

  4. bobmonahon
    users > your profile > change your gravatar (on the top right of the screen) > choose from this list:
    Change your Gravatar / Avatar

    * Upload a new image from your computer
    * Use your webcam to take a snapshot of yourself
    * Give us a link to a picture online to use
    * Use your last Avatar (if you had one)

  5. I've tried this many times and all it does is pop up a little loading bar and never changes. I can never select anything. Am I just not waiting long enough?

    I just have that weird little blue icon thing.

  6. You are probably not waiting long enough. And make sure the image you're uploading isn't huge, or isn't a type of file that's not supported. A jpg usually works; a bmp never does.

  7. It never changes from the little loading bar. I've waited over five minutes for this and nothing seems to work. Is it a Mac issue? Safari issue? I very much dislike Firefox so don't tell me to install that junk.

  8. eblanken
    I have not changed my gravatar recently, so it's been months, but I remember something like what you are describing. If I recall correctly, I went directly to
    That may or not help you?

  9. That helped a lot. Worked very quickly. Thanks a lot.

  10. I can't change my avatar. I uploaded a new picture and this shows up on my profile, but when I post it shows the old one.

  11. We can't help if you don't tell us what's the old picture and what is the new one.

  12. While logged into wordpress, go to and upload it there. The wordpress avatar thing seems to be broken, or at the very least severely bent.

  13. That didn't work either. I'm trying to change it to the sunflower picture, but whenever I post on my blog it shows up as the old picture of my eye.

  14. We see the flower picture.

    This is most likely the same old story: avatars take different times to upload in different places across They show up first here in the forums. After some hours, they will show up on your new comments.

  15. I can't upload a gravatar either. When I click on the icon, I just get a white page with "Please close this window if it does not close automatically" at the top of the page. The botton left screen reads "done". Is it an Internet Explorer compatability issue? I use Vista.

    My blog address is

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