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Cant change avator

  1. I think my current avator is offending certain co-bloggers, but I cant change it! Please help.......

  2. Is that the one with the Devil horns that might be offending? I don't see why! I think it's cute. ;)

    Avatar changes can take a few minutes to apply.

    Are you getting any error messages?

    Have you reported this through feedback?

  3. hi
    I have same problem...
    "Crop uploaded image: cold not make directory"

  4. Exactly the same "Crop uploaded image: could not make directory"

  5. Anyone help?

  6. I have send a mail to support since it isnĀ“t responce here.... I hope I got some responce from them...

  7. Moved to support.

    Best bet would be to send in a Feedback from your dashboard with a link to this thread telling staff that there's an issue.

    Goold luck,

  8. Done!

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