Can’t change e-mail address, can’t contact support

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    I registered for WordPress using an e-mail address with the suffix “” I quickly discovered that my new hotmail account was actually a “Live” account. I changed my e-mail address in the “My Account” area of WordPress, but I still haven’t received the activation e-mail with important info, and can’t contact support (the form doesn’t accept my address with either suffix). Anyone have a suggestion?



    digitalpique, I contacted support for you.



    Thank you isadora!



    Well, the answer was:

    Can you have the user email us at support [at]

    Be sure to have them include username, blog url and email address(the one tied to the account)

    We can help him out when he sends us the request.

    Sorry for the delay, but I’ve been offline for two days…


    The problem might be hotmail. They have problems and lots of people don’t always get their mail…


    What I meant to say is that you could try to use a email-address that is not a hotmail…



    Agreed. Hotmail itself has admitted that they’ve had horrible problems over the last few days. We’ve had several cases of people not getting messages because they were on hotmail.
    Try gmail. The worst-case scenario is that Wp’s emails go to spam, but you can fish them out easily enough.

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