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can't change email

  1. I changed the email address in the User panel and I wanted to change it in the Blog Settings panel too, but I've been waiting for the confirmation email all day.
    The old email still appears as reference for administrative purposes on my Blogs Settings.
    Any idea why I can't change the email???

  2. That happens on my account too

  3. If you already haven't contacted support, do so and we can do it manually for you

  4. jamescarstairs

    i have managed to map my web and changed hosting but how do I set my email [email redacted] so I can access them.? what the outgoing and incoming setting and UN and PW so I can set up my outlook express again.

  5. pickledpeanuts

    I can't change my settings, either, and there's no way to contact Support. The page I get says they're closed. ::shrug::

  6. creativeprocrastination

    Problem Solved:

    Hi there. I was having the same problem. I was attempting to reset my password in the "Settings" portion of my blog which should have worked but didn't. So I clicked on my user name in the top left hand corner of the page. (Where is says "Howdy...") This will take you to "Your Profile and Personal Options" page. You can also access it under the User settings. Change your email there and you should receive the confirmation email in seconds. You will need to do this on each blog you own. Good luck.

  7. creativeprocrastination

    I take that back. It took a few minutes but eventually all my blogs were updated automatically. If you have problems let me know and I will backtrack to see if I explained it well enough.

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