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    This is not about but It is a site I set up for a friend. We were co-admins but I had her remove my account in yet another failed attempt to get the email to send correctly. I set up WP Email, which is sending through her gmail API and have systematically removed my email address from the entire site, yet every time we send an email by clicking the envelope on the homepage, it sends to my email address. We have gone through virtually every setting, finally removed my account entirely and finally disconnected the JetPac and website from my WordPress account. Still, emails persistently send to my account, not hers. Gotta tell you, this one has me totally flummoxed!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there!

    I am so sorry but you are using the wrong forum center.
    You are on Forums, when you would need to be on forums.

    The difference between forums and can be found here.

    Also, I see that your site is hosted from these registrars:


    You might want to contact their support center and get more information.

    The forum for can be found here.


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