cant change email on general settings

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    Every time I try I it says it won’t be changed until i get an email to confirm. I never get the email, and no its not in any spam folders.


    any ideas?


    anyone any ideas?


    Just chiming in to state that I have the same problem.



    Where, exactly, are you changing the email? There are TWO places for email: on the Profile page and under Settings. Be sure to change them both.


    I have the ability to change the contact e-mail on the Profile page. However, attempting to make any changes to the e-mail address under General Settings does not work. A confirmation e-mail is never sent in order for the change to be made.


    That’s exactly what I get, I can change it under Profile, but not settings…
    any ideas?


    Does anyone know what I should do?


    I can change the general settings email, but not the one on the profile page. It says that the profile has been updated, but no change.


    me too! The one on the Profile Page can be changed. ( I have changed it.) But the one in General Settings can not. It says the change has been saved, but nothing has been changed!



    same here…i cant change the one under settings…
    it keeps my old email address. I think its a bug.

    Im on a mac, what about you guys?





    Did everyone check their inboxes (and spam folders!) for a confirmation mail?


    The same thing is happening to me too. I never receive the confirmation email and it isn’t going to spam etc. Very frustrating!


    same here too, i can’t change it at general settings; i don’t receive the confirmation mail
    anyone with an answer / solution?


    same here too. any ideas?


    This has happened before and only staff was able to sort it out. I would suggest contacting staff when they are open 8am-4pm Pacific time.




    It’s the same for me, never received the mail….
    How to contact the staff ? First time for me here…sorry :(




    any news?



    just a me too post (Support is currently closed so I took the time)

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