can't change entry title font size in Twenty Eleven (single post view)

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    Greetings hive mind, I’m hoping you’ll catch something I’m missing:

    I’m using the Twenty Eleven theme with some very minimal custom CSS. The one thing I just can’t seem to figure out is, I have a font size specified for “entry-title” that is being displayed on my main blog view but is not being displayed on single posts. The weird thing is, the same exact class name and enclosing tags seem to be in use on types of page? I’ve tried being both as specific and as generic as possible with how I describe the entry-title style in my CSS, but no matter what I try, the size seems to only display on the former and not the latter. This is consistent across every browser I check, so I’m presuming that I’m just staring too closely at the problem and forgetting something obvious…

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! :)

    My blog is at:

    The blog I need help with is


    Try this, playing around with the % to get the size you want:

    .singular .entry-title {
    font-size: 90%!important;

    I find that in Twenty Eleven I typically need to use the !important notation to get the font size to change.

    Hope that helps!



    Also, you can change the font size in your Dashboard/Appearance/Custom Design/Fonts tab, so try that too if all else fails!


    @zandyring – it may be a Twenty Eleven thing, but changing Header fonts through that doesn’t touch the post title for single posts, it changes the tagline, and the font titles on the main blog page.


    @sensuousinkspiller, that totally did it thanks! :)


    You’re welcome!

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