Can't change page color back to original in Oxygen theme

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    Hi, I am using the Oxygen theme and I changed the color of the secondary sidebar using the custom color feature. It changed my side bar to the color I wanted but changed the page color to light gray. I can’t get it back to white, which is the color that I want.

    I tried playing with the CSS and couldn’t change the page color, then I tried restoring to an earlier version, then tried deleting all the CSS and saving it and then tried pasting the original CSS in and saving it and I stillcan’t get rid of the the gray page color. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The URL is: Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    Sorry we can’t be of more help, but as long as your blog is private, we can’t see it to help you make edits. I’d clear your cache and see if that helps.



    Thanks for the reply, I forgot it was still private. Need to get permission for some pics before it goes public.

    The custom color for the secondary sidebar seems to be buggy (for my site anyway). Every time you change the color the background turns gray.

    Thanks to WP support I learned it is a simple fix that doesn’t require CSS tinkering. Just go to your dashboard>appearance>background and reset the color. You have to do this EVERY time you change the color of the secondary sidebar, so if you are experimenting with different colors it’s kind of a pain, but good to know how to fix and good to not have to frantically search the style sheets thinking that you’ve royally messed it up somehow.



    The blog is private. We cannot see it and we aren’t going to speculate as to what you have done. Posting here for Volunteer help is an exercise in futility until the blog privacy setting is set to public.



    Yes, I know. I just wanted to post the fix in case anyone else was experiencing the problem. Thanks



    Aha … now I see. I wondered why you posted that as you aren’t telling us regular Volunteers anything we don’t already know. lol :D I just posted what follows:

    To clear a background image:
    If you set a background image, click “Remove Background Image”.
    If you set a background color, delete the numbers in the “Background Color” field or click “Clear” next to it, then click “Save Changes”.



    That’s great, the only difference is (and I know you still can’t see my blog, it really will go public soon, sorry!) is that my background image was fine and stayed the same and my “page” color turned mysteriously gray after changing the secondary sidebar color.

    Kind of confusing because that was not registering as “background” to me. I thought I had inadvertently messed up some other BG field and didn’t realize that the “page” was also the BG. Hence, didn’t think to go to BG in the appearance menu. Thought this might confuse others too…or not :-)

    Thanks for your help!

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