Can't Change Permalink?

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    According to what I have been reading I should be able to change my Permalink settings under the “Settings” menu on my dashboard. When I got to Settings, there is no Permalinks option. I see General, Writing, Reading, and all the others, but no Permalinks. How can I change this?

    The blog I need help with is


    What you are reading about can only happen on self-hosted wordpress installations using the software from wordpress.ORG. We cannot edit or change the permalinks here at the hosting service.

    In general, unless specifically identified as pertaining to wordpress.COM, you should assume they are talking about .ORG self-hosted wordpress installations.



    Ah darn. Well thanks for the info!


    You are welcome.



    If I watch my photos in the carousel view, there is no ‘Permalink’ below the picture, so it’s impossible to see the information of the picture..
    Does anybody know how to remove the Carousel view, or how to get the Permalink back?!



    I am in the beginning process of completely re-doing my entire site because of this awful carousel nonsence. Every time the developers fix it they make it worse. Peramalink was unhelpful and the new changes are ugly. WordPress has been very stubborn on their policy not to allow users to disable the carousel, and no work arounds work for me. So I am taking all my images and inserting them into the page, one after another, including being forced to rescan/photograph several dozen images to fit a new theme so it looks like I am not just throwing things on a page. My first wordpress site took months to get just right and I was so happy with it. Now it’s just a mess and visitors are always emailing me asking if I have samples or asking about info that is in the picture data but not easily assessable to non-wordpress users.



    @daphnetapia and marccalvary – you and your visitors can scroll down in the Carousel to see any information that you entered in the Description field of the image.

    It is not possible to remove the Gallery Photo Carousel.

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