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    I imported content from my previously hosted WP blogs into a blog. I deleted the default About page that was part of the theme. The imported about page had the slug about-2. Now that the original theme about page is trashed, I wanted to change the slug of the imported about page. It won’t change. Every time I hit the update button, it reverts to about-2. Help!

    The blog I need help with is



    If you are using the custom menu feature, then yes you can. You can edit the page in question and change the title of that page (leave the permalink as it is). Then in the custom menu editor click on the right end of the title bar for that page in the “menu” module, change the “label” and click “save menu”.

    See here for setting up a custom menu


    WordPress is database driven, and when you delete something it is typically “marked” for deletion in the database and then at some predetermined schedule, the database does the actual deletions.

    First off, go to the list of pages and make sure that the trash has been emptied (the about page is not in the trash (links at the top left of the list).

    You now might have to wait for 24 hours for the actual deletion to be done in the database. Then again try and change the page slug. I typically find that after 24 hours it can be done.



    @thesacredpath – that was it. I needed to empty the trash. That worked. Thanks.

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