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    I click Settings –> General, then enter a new tagline in the “Tagline” box.

    I click save, then reload the page for my site. The old tagline is still there.

    When I return to the General Settings page, it shows the new tagline in the box.

    What am I doing wrong?



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    I will post this in the forum.


    I have the same problem on my site…

    When i first started the blog I had no idea as to the SEO value of a tagline, so when I went to change it several weeks ago, the change doesnt register, even though it is changed on the general setting page, as mentioned above. Please help?



    Some themes display the tagline, others don’t – list here (includes alternative for DePo Mastehead):


    The problem is not that, though… I know that Depo Masthead displays a tagline, its currently displaying one, but I have been trying to change it for several weeks now and although the change registers on the general settings page, it doesnt change on the actual blog, the part that everyone one else sees… thats what i’m stuck with.


    Read the post I linked to, please.



    To be clear on this DePo Masthead: does NOT display the standard tagline, but you can add one by using a workaround described at the link Panos posted above.


    Thank you! I got it now, sorry for the blonde moment…



    Not to worry. We all have them even after the blonde turns gray. lol :D


    Me again…

    so now i’m just wondering… because the DePo Masthead doesn’t have an “official” tagline, will the workaround that panos suggested still function the same way as far as Google and SEO are concerned? It has only recently dawned on me (thanks to onecoolsite) how important the tagline can be in search engine rankings etc, i’m concerned that this theme is maybe not as effective in this regard?

    Or am i making a mountain out of a molehill here?

    Thanks guys.



    Panos provided the solution for adding a tagline above. Remeber that there’s no guaratee that Google will choose to diaply it. They pick what they wish to display in snippets. It’s my observations that those who have effective taglines and blog titles and do not exceed 67 characters including spaces are frequently displayed.


    Thanks timethief.


    Note that search engines see both the special tagline of the theme and the regular one you have added in Settings>General. The sourcecode of your blog includes this:
    <h1 class="name"><a href="BLOG URL HERE" title="REGULAR TAGLINE HERE"><span>SPECIAL DEPO TAGLINE HERE</span></a></h1>


    I have a tagline question too. I changed the tagline for my site, then tried to post a link to my Facebook status. The default tagline shows there, not my new one. What can I do to fix that?


    It might take a little while for that to update. I would wait 24 hours and see what happens. The existing one on FB will not update, but any new ones should pick up the new tagline in a little while.

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