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cant change username

  1. when i trying to change my username i get this error:

    Error: Your password is too weak: Looks like you're including easy to guess information about yourself. Try something a little more unique.

  2. That's not only an error message it's a warning that you need to take seriously. Staff responded to another thread today on exactly this issue. You must select a strong password or you will not be able to make the change.

  3. i change my password and try password generator too
    also try firefox and chrome but still have this problem.

  4. The reason you are having this problem is because you are selecting passwords that are easily guessed and would make your blog vulnerable to hackers. Please read and act on

  5. Just to be positive that you do not have a browser issue please do some troubleshooting for me. If you are not running one of the browsers and versions listed at please try upgrading or switching first.

    Note: If you are using an IE9 browser in compatibility mode that makes it render as IE7 and IE7 is not supported. To disable see >

    If you are running one of the browsers and versions listed at please do these four things:

    1. Try clearing your browser’s cache:

    2. Make sure that you have third-party cookies enabled:

    3. Try with all browser extensions or add-ons temporarily disabled.

    4. Try enabling HTTPS:

    If it’s still happening, let us know exactly which browser (and version of it) you’re using by checking here if necessary and also post any error reports you get.

  6. i clear my cache, using HTTPS
    try in chrome 23 and firefox 18
    third-party cookies is enabled

    its still happening.

  7. Okay. Please either confirm or deny that are you selecting a strong password as described in support documentation. ie. a strong password that does not contain any words that are in your blog address, site title, tagline, username or email address.

  8. yes

  9. Thanks. I tagged this thread for Staff help. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.

  10. thanks...

  11. Could you send us a screenshot of the page where you're seeing this? You can upload the screenshot to your blog's media library.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  12. What's the exact link of page in the screenshot? Thanks.

  13. What username do you want it to be instead?

  14. alirezasa

  15. sorry i want to change to this username


  16. sorry again alirezas is exist ;)

    when i try alirezasa get this error.

  17. The problem has been resolved. Could you please give it another try?

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