Can't change username because I use same display name

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    1. My principal blog “Little Baby Jaysus” has two urls and

    2. My secondary blog “Portage Artist” with url matches my wordpress username “portageartist”

    3. My principal blog”Little Baby Jaysus” requires a matching username. Its current display name is “Little Baby Jaysus” but it operates under my one general username “portageartist”

    4. I need to change that username to littlebabyjaysus. When I tried to do that I was told “sorry that username already exists” most likely because I already use it as a display name and url

    5. Please help me match my url to my username + display name

    The blog I need help with is



    Blog names are the same as usernames for the most part. Usernames can be turned into blog names, but blog names cannot be turned into usernames.

    You can register any other username and move your blog to it following the guide at but you won’t be able to register littlebabyjaysus as a username.


    Thanks for your quick response macmanx.

    I understand that blog names and usernames are usually the same, as per my first (now secondary) blog “Portage Artist” and the username “portageartist” I’m trying to lose.

    Just so I’m clear, the username I want isn’t available because I’ve taken it as a display name? Could you explain the reason(s) why that limitation exists?

    Can I change the display name to make available the username? I’m having trouble understanding why this has to be so complicated. Any chance of simplifying this display name/ username problem in the future?

    I appreciate information you could offer to help me work this out. I don’t want to have to leave wordpress to set up this blog properly, but that’s what I’m looking at.



    Our policy is to ignore all trolls and let Staff take care of them. Please just ignore this child. has never deleted username accounts and it doesn’t matter how many tantrums the child throws, not how many threads it spams, that will not change.



    It’s not actually the display name that’s the problem, but the blog name. You won’t be able to take littlebabyjaysus as a username, because exists.

    This restriction is in place to prevent someone from snagging a username that is related to a blog that you may be running here, like if someone else tried to register 1977redux.

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