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Can't Check Stats

  1. So normally I go to the Dashboard of a Blog, then Click the Chart to the lower Right (The Specific Day), and it would give me a breakdown of what's being Viewed. But now when I click it, it takes me to my Reader, and when I try to move it to Stats, it will only give me Stats for my Primary Blog... And when I try to switch the Blog upper right, where you can choose which Blog's Stats are showing, when I change Blogs, it takes me back to the Reader... Then I go back to Stats and it's the main Blog again

    Any help is appreciated, like to see the actual breakdown of views, not just the grand total. And want to see it on more than my main Blog, it's always worked before.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Lots of folks seem to be having this problem at the moment. I'll tag this for Staff assistance.

  3. Same for me - so frustrating that WP keep making changes without testing first. I suspect the code is a bit of a Frankenstein's Monster and a change in one place just creates problems elsewhere.

  4. Same problem at Backyard Shooter

    I wish they would just send an email or something before they go changing anything so we could at least know its coming...

  5. I accept the fact that all things here are in a constant state of flux and always will be. This platform is on continual roll-out and even as many as 20 or more more code changes can be made in a single day. As my blogs aren't commercial in nature and indeed none of the free hosted blogs are I have no particular need to be able to access stats more than once daily. Consequently, when they aren't available to me I don't feel this kind of angst.

  6. Until it's fixed, you can always access the old stats page in your site's Dashboard.

    You can find it at and, of course, replacing "yoursitename" with your site name. It won't have the pretty look of the New Dash, but you can at least see the activity.

  7. Clearly it is past my bedtime.

    yoursite meaning yoursitename

  8. Seems to be a glitch, but not exactly a serious matter. Affects both .com and self-hosted with JetPack. As far as I can see, you just can't change which site you're reviewing without getting redirected to the Reader.

    I'm sure it will get worked out.

    We all know (or should know) that Stats aren't real time anyways.

  9. Thank you justjennifer, I appreciate the link. I'll bookmark that for future reference.

  10. @nvchad2 - You're welcome. As notawoodpecker said, it will get worked out.

  11. martinsprofile

    I feel sorry for them, they can't afford software testers and UI testers. If they get some money together I will work for them. Then this will never happen again. Come on, guys, you're supposed to be a world class company so hire some world class staff here!

  12. OK, it gets weirder.

    I tried to check something for another thread, entered and got redirected to the Reader, not to the site I was checking on.

  13. martinsprofile

    They totally need a UI tester and I have the experience. Automattic hire me!

  14. Umm, we're all testers. And they don't have to pay us either.

  15. We had some issues with a library upgrade there. All should be back to normal, sorry for the issues.

  16. Thank you, Andy! All is good.

  17. ^ I can switch between stats pages now, but the issue I mentioned just above still exists.

  18. Thanks, working like new for me.

  19. martinsprofile

    No it isn't.

  20. @martinsprofile
    Please expand so we know what's not working for you. But first try clearing your browser cache please >

  21. Just to say, I can now visit my stats but they still show up as 0 Visitors and 0 Views and it still says "No stats are available for this time period."

  22. Hi notawoodpecker - would you mind starting a new thread for the non-stats issue so we can handle it separately? Thanks!

    martinsprofile - if you're still having trouble with stats, could you explain the issue in detail so we can investigate? Thanks.

  23. The same with me and 5 more wordpress users. Please a solution!!

  24. thistimethisspace

    Where is your blog URL? It's not linked to your username. Please post an active link to it starting with http://

    and 5 more wordpress users

    Any users who have this issue need to post and provide URLs.

  25. As timethief says, if anyone is still having trouble with their stats, please provide the address here, since many of you have multiple sites on the same account.

    Please describe the problem in as much detail as you can, and let us know if you experience the same issue in a different browser than your usual one. Thanks.

  26. My stats are having problems loading but in a different way. It is inconsistent in occurring. I have 3 "small" blogs the main one has menu links to other two: null

    It seems to happen when I first log in and with whichever blog I'm logging into. I get the following message in place of the stats:

    The page requested does not exist

    The page you requested does not exist, or you do not have have the necessary privileges to access it. You may return to the dashboard of Jenn's

    (Where dashboard..Jenn's is permalink).

    In addition, when logging in, sometimes instead of my own dashboard, I'm taken to a community dashboard (I have to wait to see it happen again in order to give more details). Related? Not related? Well, it happened when I chose to "reload" the page with the stats error moments ago.

    After reloading from the page w/the error message, I ended up on a "what's hot" global dashboard. null

    From there, I can go to profile or personal settings but to get to my own blog dashboard, I have to go to the right side of the screen and select it from the drop down menu. Maybe the global dashboard is a new feature? It's been happening inconsistently. Didn't see anything in forum search earlier about new feature. Maybe it's also interfering with the stats page?

    I have firebug - but wasn't sure what to provide.

    Just a blogger. Love WP. Thanks for your help. Jenn

  27. Looks like I processed the links in error - the first (3) are for my blog and the last one is the admin page - don't know what I did wrong there. Sorry 'bout that!

  28. Hi Jenn - thanks for describing your issues with the dashboard. I tried logging in on your account at and was able to click on the Stats tab at the top and view the stats page for your primary blog without any errors, but you did say the issue is intermittent. :-)

    What I'm going to do is ask you to please start a new thread if this happens again, so we can troubleshoot the problem in more detail. When you do, just add the word modlook to the Tags section in the right column so Staff will respond.

    Feel free to include screenshots of some of the things you're seeing, to help us investigate. Here's a guide on how to make a screenshot, if you're not sure:
    You can upload the screenshots in your Media Library and then post a link so we can see it. Thanks!

    I'm going to close this thread now but anyone can feel free to start a new one and add the modlook tag if they need further help.

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