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can't click on pictures to see them real size anymore

  1. Hi,
    Pictures I posted on my blog used to be clickable for visitors to see them in a bigger size.
    But now, we can only see them in the column's size without being able to see them real size.
    Is there something I can do to get this feature back ?? Pictures are awfully small on the page and it's too bad a lot of details are lost...
    Thanks !!
    (sorry I know my English is bad =_=)

  2. Please post the link to your blog and also tell us which post your are referring to so we can see exactly what the problem is.

    Here's how to link your username to your blog. It’s very easy to do. Here’s how to link your username to your blog in your blog Dashboard –> Users –> Your Profile. Then scroll down to where it says ‘Primary Blog‘ and fill in the address of your blog and then click ‘Update Profile‘.

    Once you’re done click “Update Profile”. Voila! Now every time you sign into the forum we can all click on your username and your blog will be linked to it. And every time you leave a comment on a blog your username can be likewise clicked and your blog can be instantly located.

  3. soringrumazescu

    I have the same problem.

  4. soringrumazescu

    And the "Primary Blog" is not accessible. I can not write there.
    Here is the link and is not the only one.
    Here is another

    Thank you for your help.

  5. After uploading an image, but before inserting it into a post or page, make sure and ciick on the "file URL" button and then insert it into the post or page. The image will then be linked to the full-sized image.

    If you have images already inserted that you wish to have linked, open the post or page for edit, click on the image, then click on the edit image button at the upper left of the image and click on the "link to image" button (I don't know why they called it something different here). Then click on the "update image button.

    By the way, after making this "file URL" selection on one image, wordpress will remember that choice until you change it.

  6. soringrumazescu

    Tks for your help man. It's ok now. Tks again. :)

  7. You're very welcome.

  8. I tried that on my page ( but it didn't work. Anything else I can try? I'm trying to get my image/picture to open in a full-size window when the viewer clicks on it.

  9. It's as thesacredpath says above. (Did you try his suggestion on how to insert a new image or on how to correct an already published one?)

  10. Panaghiotisadam: "It's as thesacredpath says above. (Did you try his suggestion on how to insert a new image or on how to correct an already published one?)"

    I tried the tip on how to correct an already published one. It didn't work. I just kept playing around with it and now I finally got it....I'll just have to remember how!!

    Thanks for trying to help. Much appreciated.

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