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Can't comment.

  1. I have just set up a blog. When I attempt to comment at another blog and try to login, WordPress tells me I have the wrong username. Help, I'm lost.

  2. what's the blog you're trying to comment on? And exactly what does it say?

  3. I was attempting to comment at the Strata Sphere Blog on his immigration post

  4. Comic relief ... please understand that volunteers do not come equipped with crystal balls or mind reading skills. We can't help you unless you provide enough information for us to duplicate the problem you report ourselves.

    (1) What is the url for the Strata Sphere Blog?
    (2) What is the url for "his immigration post"?
    (3) What is the url for your blog?

  5. Glad to provide you with a little comic relief. I will be back with this info and get back shortly.

    I just assumed my problem was with WordPress since it is they who tell me that my user name is not correct.


  6. = home =post =me


  7. The problem seems to be that the blog is not on but is self-hosted. This means that your blog username and password will not work.

    You'll just need to fill in the comment form with your details I'm afraid.

  8. The Strata-Sphere is proudly powered by WordPress
    Theme Designed by Meng Gao
    Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS).

    This is copied directly from the strata website. I don't understand??? His website is what directed me to wordpress to set up my blog.


  9. There are blogs like ours which are hosted by wordpress. There are also self hosted blogs that can be downloaded from They run on different software than blogs do.

    This Strata Sphere one is not hosted by and if the blogger has set up the blog to require "You must be logged in to post a comment" by checkmarking on this page

    > Options -> General Options
    Membership: ____Users must be registered and logged in to comment

    then if you are not a "member" of his blogging community you cannot comment on his blog posts.

  10. How can I get logged into his site? When I click on his login call for comments at the end of comment section, I am sent to this site. Should I go to, and try to get logged in and signed up there??

  11. P.S. When you are logged in to and you see a blue navigation bar at the top of a blog it's a blog. If you don't see the blue bar then it isn't hosted by

    Personally I wouldn't bother getting a username just to leave a comment on a single blog post. The choice is up to you.

  12. Thanks folks- I am giving up for a while. I am now registered in both .com and .org and I still can't get through. Says its the wrong username. Since this is my first attempt at commenting I think I'll just try somewhere else.

  13. As you do have a username maybe their forum volunteers can help you here

  14. Think of as WalMart. They use shelving to sell their items.
    Think of Strata Sphere as KMart. They also use shelving to sell their items.

    Think of as the place they get their shelving from. and Strata Sphere are two different "stores" who happen to use the same shelving.

    But to answer the question:

    A quick check of the blog in question shows that registrations have been turned off and you can't register a new account there. Without being able to register an account there, there's no way you can leave a comment.

  15. That's a cool metaphor. I must remember that.

  16. Thanks drmike

  17. Not a problem :)

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