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    OK, so, I’ve been following a blog/website for about … three years or so. It’s got it’s own domain name, but it’s hosted by WordPress. In all that time, I’ve never had a problem with posting a comment. Then, a week or two ago I got a WP account to make a blog, and suddenly it wouldn’t let me comment on that blog anymore: not with my Blogspot account or my WordPress account. I deleted my WP blog because I wasn’t happy with it, but I have no clue how to delete my actual account and I really want to comment on this blog, but how can I? It’s driving me crazy!
    Here’s what it says below the comment box: You are commenting using your account. ( Log Out / Change )
    I clicked ‘Log Out’ and tried. Nope. I clicked ‘Change’. Still nothing.
    It also has my Blogspot info underneath it (email, username, blog address), which I have always used when commenting, so I don’t even know why in the world it’s trying to use my WP account. Can someone PLEASE HELP? Thanks in advance!



    Hi there!

    Could you let me know the name of the blog you’re trying to comment on?

    Some blog owners have things setup so that comments from new commenters need to be approved before they’re posted. If you were signed into a different account to what you normally comment under, then it could be that your comment get sent to be manually approved by the blog’s owner. I can double check on this if you let me know the name of the blog.

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