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    I am unable to click the reply button on 38 Pitches blog. Therfor, I can’t comment. What am I doing wrong?



    Have you tried clearing your browser?
    windows – crtl F5
    macs – apple r
    linux f5

    Does the blog in question (for which you have not provided the url so I cannot check it myself) have a contact page or an email address posted? If so then you could use one or the other.

    Please provide the following information:
    (1) the url for the blog to which you are referring
    (2) what your operating system is
    (3) what browser and version of it you are using
    (4) were you previously able to comment on the same blog from the same computer using the same browser?



    Same thing here.



    You need to click this and be prepared to provide staff with the information I asked for above

    If you had checked the forum searchbox you would have found your complaints are not isolated. I have seen others state they could not leave comments on 38 pitches in the past from time to time.

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