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Can't comment without being logged in

  1. I've had a wordpress blog for a while and never a problem with comments. Suddenly, that has changed. Now the only for someone to comment is by logging in to wordpress first. I've checked the settings and I have that unchecked. But still when a user (that is not logged in) tries to comment - it doesn't work (no error message, nothing). any ideas?

  2. Have you checked your Akismet spam queue (under Comments on the dash)?

  3. Thanks - i didn't look there (and they were all there). have a good day!

  4. That's a great question. Can people comment on your blog without first logging into wordpress? I get a reasonable amount of blog traffic with a fair number of regular visitors, but my only comments for the last several months have been pingbacks. Aside from the reply about the spam que, what setting changes do you have to make to enable anyone to post a comment on your blog?

  5. I've been trying to figure out how to allow comments without requiring login. Many other blogging systems, including Blogger and Typepad, allow this. If there's a way to enable it, I've yet to find it.

  6. Go to settings>general and uncheck the membership box. That will solve the login issue. And then go to settings>discussion and check/uncheck the appropriate boxes under "before a comment appears"

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