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Can't complete Paypal transaction. PayPal people saythe problem is on your end.

  1. Paypal transaction problems. Need a credit card backup to complete transaction? PayPal suggested I ask you to send me an invoice through PayPal. Can you do this for purchase of new domain name?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The only methods of payment are as follows:

    Dashboard > Store > My Upgrades uses PayPal as the payment processor, and as such, can only accept payment from countries they support:

    In addition to major credit cards Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Discover, and PayPal can accept echecks and some debit cards.

    The debit card must have a VISA or Mastercard symbol on it, and should work just like a credit card when selecting the VISA or Mastercard option on the payment form, even though it's a debit card.

    More about echecks here: also accept Bitcoin for payment of certain upgrades ( bitcoin cannot be used for domain and premium theme purchases) - you can learn more here:

  3. PayPal suggested I ask you to send me an invoice through PayPal.

    I'm sorry, but does not bill by invoice or purchase order. You must pay for the upgrade at the time of purchase.

  4. I am using paypal from the U.S. presumably one of the accepted countries. WordPress won't process it, requiring a backup credit card, which PayPal tells me isn't usually necessary.

    They suggested I asked "you" if you would send me an invoice through Paypal: in other words, allow me to pay using PayPal.

    Can you help me complete this transaction?

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  6. I am trying to pay using my PayPal account. Does WordPress have a fixed policy of requiring backup credit cards for PayPal transactions.

    Note: you seem to be consistently skirting this question: Is that the policy, yes or no?

  7. I am a Volunteer. The information I provided above all came from Staff and I tagged this thread for a Staff response. That's the most I can do for you.

  8. I just dealt with this last week, and the answer is: Yes. WordPress requires a "secondary funding source". They do not say they do, but... they do.

    I spent hours on the phone with PayPal, and numerous posts with WordPress. WordPress insisted it was a PayPal issue, and pointed to outdated credit card (nope) or sending limits (nope), PayPal insisted it was a WordPress issue, and after their managers went through hoops to try to get it to work I was sent on to a higher level manager, who said they deal with this regularly, and WordPress requires a secondary funding source.

    Adding a secondary funding source, suddenly, no more issues! I was told that WordPress was letting the "Store team" know, so they could work this out with PayPal. Apparently... nothing has changed. But, it has only been a week! :-)

  9. They certainly don't require a credit card, because I haven't had one the entire time I've been at The account must be connected to your bank account if not to a credit card.

  10. The buy through PayPal forms seem to indicate that with an unverified account plus a big name gift card (alone), you can complete the transaction. Is that correct?

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  12. That is correct, we cannot accept gift cards of any kind. You will need to have a balance actually in your PayPal account.

  13. As explained yesterday, I do have the balance in my PayPal account, but no backup credit card.

  14. That shouldn't limit you. We don't require that and have processed transactions before from accounts without that.

    I recommend contacting PayPal again. It seems odd that they would require you to have an attached credit card in order to pay with balance on your account.

  15. I have contacted PayPal, and if you'll check this particular thread from yesterday, you'll see that others have run into the same problem.

  16. Is there a currency conversion involved? Ie you put in Canadian dollars and now have to pay with US dollars? That might be an issue. Is the Paypal attached to your bank account or some other way to get the $ offline? If not, that might be why they want a credit card attached.

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