Can't connect to my site via wifi but can via cellular or TOR?

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    I’m just trying to get this site running consistently but at the moment it seems I can’t connect to my site via wifi but can via cellular or TOR?

    It seems to right itself after a period and this time around looked to be caused by trying to access the site via wifi on the iOS app.

    I’m really confused so if anyone can shed any light on the issue that would be amazing!

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there,

    I was able to view all the sites on your account, the site and your two self-hosted sites with Jetpack enabled, over a WiFi connection.

    From the way you’ve described the problem, it sounds like your Internet Service Provider that your wifi connects to may be having some issues connecting with (or your hosting provider on the self-hosted sites.) If it was a hosting-side problem, the site would also not load on mobile networks.

    The next time you cannot connect to your site over wifi, would you please follow these steps to run a Traceroute?



    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for the quick reply. I will run a trace route when I have a chance, I think I might be experiencing what these guys have been:

    which someone believes is related to this:

    Would that make sense to you at all?



    Those could definitely be related. Are you seeing this happen on all your sites (including your site) or just your self-hosted sites?

    Before (or after :) ) running the traceroute, another good first step is to whitelist your wifi’s IP address in Jetpack for your self-hosted sites.

    Because if it’s not your hosting provider blocking, it may have been Jetpack Protect doing so assuming that XML-RPC is the culprit here.



    Hi Alex,

    Ok I have now installed the rename XMLRPC plugin, placed my IP addresses on the whitelist and this is the trace route;

    traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
    1 ( 0.552 ms 0.214 ms 0.197 ms
    2 ( 1.398 ms 1.378 ms 1.044 ms
    3 ( 7.518 ms 7.499 ms 7.535 ms
    4 ( 15.067 ms ( 18.311 ms ( 15.168 ms
    5 ( 13.297 ms ( 15.038 ms 15.331 ms
    6 ( 11.847 ms 11.805 ms ( 10.682 ms
    7 ( 17.048 ms ( 11.014 ms 11.981 ms

    And now I have just tried to use the app and it seems to be fine. So I am guessing it was the XMLRPC.

    But all good!

    Thanks for your assistance!

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