can't control font and size.

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    I have 58 posts already. When I did all of them I could change font and size by doing this:
    Right click on highlighted text. A menu opens.
    Click “fonts”. Another menu opens.
    I move my cursor to “See fonts”. This opened a dialogue box with all the fonts, all the possibilities for the fonts. like bold etc, and all the possible sizes.

    I used this to design the text.
    When I wanted to post a new post this feature disappeared and has been inactive for the last three days. So now I can’t control the typography. What’s wrong?

    Thank you,

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Giora. I never heard of such an option available right here at (to change the font by right-clicking).

    Were you perhaps writing your posts on another software first and then copying-pasting into


    I wrote the stories in Word, copied and pasted. But when it appeared in the writing field where you enter the new posts, the typeface was very small and I had to make it bigger. I highlighted the text and did exactly what I wrote before. I did this 58 times, as I have 58 posts. Now you can still do all the steps till you get to “See Fonts”, but when you click on this, the dialogue box does not appear. You can try it. Since you can get to click the “See Fonts” something must happen, but nothing does.
    Thank you for your answer. But I am still puzzled.

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