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    when I’m using the dashboard, selecting text from my site’s pages makes it have a background color change so you can see what you’re grabbing. But, when the page is published, I get no color change so it looks like you are simply unable to select the text. However, if you follow through with ctrl-c, you do in fact select the text. Anyone got any ideas how to make it obvious to people that they can select the text? I’m using the oxygen theme and have changed the background to black.



    The blog I need help with is


    anyone got any ideas?





    I’m sorry to say I do not understand what you are relating here. I’ll tag this thread for Staff assistance because I do not know how to help you. Another Volunteer may answer prior to Staff but I tagged the thread so it will not fall through the cracks and escape attention. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.


    Thanks for your help!



    Hello there!

    I do see the problem regarding the highlighting, and with a little CSS trickery, you can control the color and background of the highlighted text:

    ::selection {color:red;background:yellow;}
    ::-moz-selection {color:red;background:yellow;}

    What the CSS code above does is convert the selected text color to red and the highlight color to yellow. Feel free to change the colors and enter them into your blog’s Custom CSS panel in the Customizer.

    Let me know if you need more assistance. Thanks!


    hmm. That works – thanks. Normally, in the dashboard when you’re customizing, you can see CSS changes automatically. This one you can *only* see after you’ve published. That’s what threw me. So you’ve fixed my issue :) But maybe there’s still something funky with the interface?!?

    Thanks again for your time.




    But maybe there’s still something funky with the interface?!?

    Nothing funky going on that I know of. :)

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