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    I had some trouble changing my blog name to So I deleted my old blog, called, and then tried to start a new one called But then it said that this name was already taken. This is really strange, because it’s not taken!

    Please help me, I’d just like to start the blog called!
    Blog url:


    Once you delete a blog that name cannot be used again.


    Never again? Or do I just have to wait a while?



    You could wait, but it would be a long wait. Gone is gone. For ever. You can’t get it back. That’s why there are warnings before you delete.


    I don’t thing my story is clear enough… I don’t want my old blog back. I want to start a new one called, but I can’t because I keep getting the message that it already exists (but it doesn’t).



    Someone has the username then if there is no blog. How do you know it doesn’t exist?



    Oh i see now YOU have the Username, yes?


    I have the username, but not the blog. I know it isn’t in use because when I tried to change my blog from to it still existed, but I got an error message. That’s when I deleted and tried to start the new one under the name of but then all of a sudden it WAS in use. So I think something went wrong when I tried to change names…

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