Can't create a post with in a page.

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    I’m trying to create a post with in a page. ( drop down menu)
    Example: Page name “book reviews” under that tab I want to list the books that I have reviewed.

    I created the “parent” page and a page for the actual post that I want to show up underneath it. For some reason it’s not working for me. Like I said I created the parent page which is ” book reviews” then created a page called ” reflected by you review” and set the parent as ” book review” when I scroll over the ” book reviews” tab, the pages that are supposed to drop down below it don’t appear.

    Can someone let me know what I am doing wrong?
    Thank you in advance for your help!

    The blog I need help with is


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    I don’t see a tab in your navigation menu for “book review.” Are you asking about another site/blog than the one linked to above?

    As for the question posed by the title of this topic, “Can’t create a post with in a page” then you need to understand that you cannot post to a page.

    You have only one dynamic page for posts. It is dynamic because it changes everytime you make a post: your new post appears on that page without you doing anything more than making the post. That is the only page where posts will appear automatically.

    Please make sure you understand the differences between posts and pages:

    Here is more info about posting to a page and why it cannot be done:

    You can use categories on your posts, then use a custom menu to simulate the effect of having posts on different pages:



    I worded it wrong, I know the difference between a page and a post. The link is: take a look at this one and see if you can see the tab.


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    Yes, it’s here:

    Odd as it seems, I think that Tarski does not show child pages unless you make a custom menu.

    see my link above about custom menus and this one too:



    It still doesn’t work, but thank you for your help. Good day.


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    I’m sorry to hear that. Is the page “reflected by you review” actually published? If not, then you won’t be able to add it to a custom menu.

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