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    Hi All,
    I signed-up to wordpress, but I can’t create a blog. When I click on “Create a Blog”, it takes me to another page.

    On the create page, I get a few text boxes:
    “Blog Address”
    “Name Your Blog”
    “What language will you be blogging in?”

    At the bottom it looks like it’s still trying to load the page, but no matter how long I leave it I never get an option to create the blog.

    Anyone know if I’m doing something wrong? I’ve tried clearing my cache and cookies, and a different browser on a different PC. no change…



    If you look around the forums you’ll see all kinds of issues right now. I’d advise waiting a day or so for staff to fix things, and then try again. You may need to try a different browser as well.



    Ok, it’s still not working. Really doesn’t inspire any confidence that my new Blog is going to function very well.

    Stuff it, I’m going to go over and use Blogger.

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