Can’t create blog with a certain name because it already exists, but it doesn’t

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    So, does anyone know why this happens?




    I’m quite confused…what does it say on the page if you go to the address that you are trying to make your blog?


    It shows the signup page. And when I do signup, it says “Warning! Sorry, that blog already exists!”.

    Thanks for any help!



    What happens when you try to view the blog? What do you get?



    what name did you use for it ?


    I’m trying to create If I write this address on the browser’s address bar, it will direct me to the signup page saying it doesn’t exist. When I try to signup that address in, it says it already exists.

    And that my friends, is the problem…



    Is it possible that someone else had created an account with this URL but then deleted it? I know that doesn’t allow the same name of account to be used ever again, even after deleted.



    I was thinking that. That someone else already took that name.



    It doesn’t sound like it would be a hugely popular username, though ;) Have you tried creating another username?


    blitzkriegbop: when you first registered this blog, did you receive the regular activate email? Did you have any trouble activating with the regular email?

    Since your chosen blog name is truthfully likely one-of-a-kind, it seems as if it must have something to do with a goofed-up initial activation.

    Have you tried using the feedback link? Or do you not have a current .com blog at all? If that’s the case, how about setting one up so you can at least access feedback?



    Sometimes I’ve created email accounts and thought no one else in the world would have that name. AND THEY DID !?



    hey its available


    Sorry for the delay in replying… Damn ADSL stopped working…

    Anyway, I do have a blog, and I’ll try the feedback link, but I don’t remember registering it here, so someone may have done it and deleted it after.

    To answer some probable questions, “ze das couves” means something like “cabbage joe” in portuguese, and it’s my URL on

    Any more ideas?

    Thank you to all!



    I have this blog (, here on wordpress, and now I’m trying to create a new one, named metanoia, but I receive a error message, saying that this blog is already created, but when I go to this (, there ain’t no blog. Do any of you know if there is someway for me to use this name?



    It says the authors have deleted the blog. Once a blog is used, whether it is deleted or not later, the URL is not available; it’s gone for good. Choose another name.

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