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    I cannot embed my images from picasa web into my blog. I have been using this procedure:
    Add media
    From Image (also used the Audio, Video or other file tab
    entered the url of the file and the title

    But a Big Red X keeps coming up and it will not let me insert.
    What am I doing wrong. How can I overcome this?
    I scanned a booklet by pages and put in one album on Picasa. Is this not how I should have done this. The photo album is found here:

    The blog I need help with is



    Usually what you are doing wrong is the URL you are giving is for the page the image appears on – you need to give the URL of the image – some image hosts make it hard to find the proper URL



    This is a picture that loaded fine into my test blog – I had to get the image information by right clicking on the image – Picasso does not seem to have a Get Image Link option that I could fine – maybe they are discouraging hot linking –

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