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    Whenever I try to edit a page, it immediately posts back to the server after loading the editor. When I click New page, it opens the editor, posts back, opens the editor, posts back and so on, so I end up with a bunch of empty pages. I have disabled every single plug-in and every single pop-up/ad blocker and tested this in both IE and Mozilla. I’m really stuck now…

    Edit: this seems to apply to comments as well, but not to posts.



    Are you hosted at or on your own server?

    If it’s your own server (which I guess as you mention plugins) you need to be asking this at

    This forum is for the support of hosted blogs only.




    Ahhh, oops. Sorry for that. I’ll post it in there right now…



    I’m having a very similiar problem. My blog is on though. Everytime I want to update a page, or create a new one it will not allow me to do. Instead I’ll get the an alert prompt everytime I try to save my work. The alert prompt looks something like this:

    “Going away from this page will not save any changes made to the document”

    I have no idea whats going on, and its driving me nuts. I’ve looked at the FAQs, and didn’t see a related topic, I’m also having problems actually making a new thread on this if I wanted too.

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