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can't crop avator

  1. I tried uploading an avator. I'm supposed to crop it but the box doesn't lie on top of the picture. It lies over the top of the webpage and I can't move it. I tried cropping it thinking I'll just be getting a useless avator of the webpage, but I can't even click "crop it". What's going on?

  2. After changing my Admin color sceme to 'classic', I can crop it now. WTH.

  3. It has my new avator in my profile now but its my old avator everytime I post! Help me.

  4. It takes several hours for an avatar to work its way through the system. They usually show up here first.

  5. I've added my avatar about a month ago and it still doesn't show on my blog.

  6. I'm having the same problem. I can't crop the avatar!!

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