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Can't Customize Text in Header

  1. I am using the Tarski theme on my site. I have added my own picture to the header, but when I try to customize the text, the "hide text" or "change color" options do not appear.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please try going up to the top right hand corner of your blog in the Admin side of the blog. Click "screen options" and this will result in switching to accessibility mode. If this doesn't work for your then try the troubleshooting approaches found here Lately the Chrome browser and the AVG anti-virus updates have been causing bloggers some problems. So if those don't work post again and let us know which browser and version of it you are using.

  3. I went to "screen options" but I don't see anything that will help me with the header. I am using Firefox v. 3.5.5 on a Mac

  4. Aside from force clearing your browser, and clearing the cache and cookies and then signing in again, I have no other bright ideas. Hopefully another volunteer will have one.

  5. I have my browser set to clear upon shutdown. Thanks for your attempt to help.

  6. Mine is set up the same way and I'm using Firefox 3.5.6. I still go through the process when I have trouble because browsers these days seem to "hang on" rather than completely clearing.

  7. Tarski does not have the "hide text" or a custom title text colors option. That is theme specific and I have no idea which themes have that option.

  8. @TSP
    Wow! Thanks for the information. Vigilance does have the custom title text colors option.

  9. Yeah, Kubrick has it and a few others I can't remember.

  10. The support page on custom headers ( gives a list of customizable themes. However, after going through each one, I found that not all of them are. I finally settled on "Connections".
    Thank you so much for all of your help for a newbie such as myself.

    One last unrelated question - Can I use the widget to get my picture on my front page?

  11. That support document refers to themes where you can upload a custom header image, but only a few of those listed have the ability to turn off the title/tagline text or change its color.

    To put your picture in the sidebar, you can use either the gravatar widget, or you can use a text widget and make your own.

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