Can’t Delete a Subscribed Blog

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    I’ve added a blog to my subscriptions called blackNfunny, though as it’s material developed. I felt different about it & wants to end my subscription to that particular blog. I’ve used my dashboard “blog surfer” where a list of my subscripted blogs appears there. Yet, the page does not work; the [x] button next to each blog to remove each one from my contact lists does not work. Is there any other way to edit my own subscription or once subscribed forever subscribed?

    The blog I need help with is



    It’s working fine for me, try deleting your cookies & stuff?


    This has been an off and on problem for quite a few months (subscribe to blog/tags/etc.). Wait for a few days and try again.



    lorawow, the sacredpath. Thanks for the replies. Actually I had a feedback a week ago from workpress regarding this problem. Their response was quick, in less than 24 hours, helpful and informative. Thesacredpath, as you stated in your response, it is some kind of a bug whenever someone is using Internet Explorer and it has been happening for a while now. I’ve been advised to use other search engines, such as Mozilla Firefox and I deleted that particular blog with no problems. Now all commands are working fine. Thanks again for the tips, might need it in the future…

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