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    For months i’ve been trying to delete a few blogs i don’t use. None of them is the main blog… I’ve checked if the e-mail account was correct, and i think i’m doing everything i’m suppose to. The problem is, i never get that e-mail that i’m suppose to check before the blog is deleted.

    What’s happening?

    The blog I need help with is



    Go to your dashboard > account settings> delete blog.



    Sorry, I forgot to add to try that again and resend the email.


    For some reason i don’t see any “account settings” on dashboard… are you sure of that?

    What i see is dashboard > tools > delete site.
    This is what i’ve been trying on and on. I’ve resend the email too, over and over.



    @seasally: Normally we recommend to keep the blog private instead of deleting it. That way, you have a blog you can play with if you have to test a new feature. This is also consistent with what the support doc itself recommends:

    This being said, check your spam filter in case the confirmation email ended up there. Otherwise, contact staff directly:


    But i don’t want to keep the blog, i really want to delete it!… I know i won’t need it anymore. I’ve read that too ;)

    Checked… i’ve done everything said. It still doesn’t work!
    Thank you, i’ll do that :)



    There are two places for emails on you dashboard: in your Profile and in the Settings. Confirm that the email is in fact your current email, and remember sometimes it can take an hour or so for the email to show up (and do check spam anyway).

    One reason we recommend making a blog private instead of deleting it is, in the future someone may want that URL and you can just delete the posts and pages and let them use it by making them admin. People are very grateful when you do that.


    Raincoaster, i have checked e-mail over and over… but i’ll do it again.

    That would mean sharing account information, i think? I wouldn’t want that… and the blogs i created were tries to figure out a personal art blog. It means the domains are variations of my name. Can’t see how anyone else would want to use it?…

    There is a delete button, there is a delete tutorial. It means it should be possible to delete and that’s what i’m trying to do.


    Problem being solved, the wordpress support team is very nicely taking care of it!… ;)

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