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can't delete blog

  1. i cannot delete my blog. The 'delete' button is not showing in tools
    Blog url:

  2. the wrong blog url showed up in my question... it's
    That is where the 'test' blog was that is still showing up

  3. The linked blog has been removed from your account. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

  4. Thanks for the prompt reply!! When I'm in wordpress 'manage my blogs' I still see it and when I click at it comes up with the same (now obsolete) blog...
    Thank you again for your help

  5. Can you please try clearing out your cache?

    There should be just two blogs left: and

  6. cleared cache and still see 2. Trying to get rid of completely so that I only have the one!!

  7. The linked blog has been removed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  8. Brilliant!! super duper! Thank you so much
    should just be a few days before Google ignores it in search results right? Really appreciate your time!

  9. Since your site is not hosted at, we don't have control on Google's behaviour. It might take a little while before all the search results are updated.

    Thank you.

  10. ah, got it ! No problem. Thank you again :)

  11. You're welcome

  12. by any chance would you know why the 'twitter follow button' option is not showing up in my jetpack twitter widget?

  13. Staff have requested that folks with Jetpack issues post their questions to the existing Jetpack forum at, since it would be easier to keep support focused in one place as much as possible:

  14. sure! no problem at all! I'm new to wordpress so just learning the ropes
    thank you

  15. You're welcome. :)

  16. Blog not getteing deleted. email link says-I'm sorry, the link you clicked was invalid or has expired. Please try again or contact support.

  17. @kartodim Plz help.Thanks in advance.

  18. anirinku, please contact us through this link.

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