Can’t Delete Blogs from Blogroll

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    The problems with the new Dashboard just grind on.

    I attempted to remove a blog from my blogroll. I removed from Manage Links (new Dashboard speak for blogroll management) but it still appears on the blogroll.

    Please don’t tell me to clear cache (been there, done that) and please don’t tell me to hit “Refresh” button (been there, done that several times. Deleted blog IS gone from Managed Links list but still shows up in my blogroll.

    Really WordPress, what was the purpose of forcing this Dashboard change down our throats if it doesn’t work properly? Did anyone think to take the time to work out the celebrated bugs BEFORE launching it?


    Sidebars are cached on the wordpress servers, so it could take a little bit for the change to show up. Try reloading the blog page in a few minutes.



    Hi thesacredpath,

    Just tried it and the deleted blog still shows up in my blogroll.

    It’s been about 6 hours since I deleted it. Maybe by tomorrow, or by next week?

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