Can’t delete my blog [email won’t arrive]

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    I’m just wondering why I can’t delete my blog. I tell WordPress to delete the blog (my first blog, I made a new one), but the email won’t arrive.
    I’ve checked the inbox and the junk mail. Nothing. The email is correct – I’ve checked the profile.

    This is getting pretty frustrating, because I don’t want/need it anymore.
    Could anyone help me out with this one?

    The blog I need help with is


    Make sure and check your ISP email spam filter. Sometimes wordpress gets caught in them.

    Also, the email address that will be used by wordpress is the one that was listed under settings > general on the subject blog. Make sure you are checking the correct account.



    (email redacted) was apparently blocked by my Hotmail-account.

    Thank you very much :-)


    You’re welcome.

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