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Can't delete post

  1. I can't seem to delete a post. I go into Manage and press delete next to the post, but nothing happens -- the post is not deleted as it continues to show up in my blog. I've cleared my cookies and history and I've exited and restarted my browser. Any suggestions?

  2. It still shows in Manage? Not just on the blog page?

    We are getting an issue where changes that take place on the Dashboard side take awhile to show up on the blog. If this is NOT your issue (ie the changes aren't taking on the Dashboard side either) then tell us what browser you're using. Might be a Safari issue.

  3. I'm using Firefox I make the change on the Dashboard side and it takes overnight for the change to show on the blog side. When it does show on the blog side, my Archive count number is off. In addition, my Recent Post shows an entry with a 0 in it where the deleted post once was.

    When I'm making the deletion on the dashboard, it will turn the post to be deleted red, but the post doesn't disappear. When I come back to it, either the post is still there, or I have an entry with a 0 in its place. I've gone back to the dashboard the next day and the dashboard side seems to be OK -- my post is deleted and no 0 entry.

    Even after I've clear my cache and my history, these errors still occur.

  4. It sounds to me like you need staff help with this problem

  5. I've gone back to see my blog page and repeatedly reloaded it. Everything seems to be working fine. Either WordPress corrected the malfunction, or somehow the anomaly corrected itself. In either case, thank you.

  6. My blog is doing the EXACT SAME THING.

  7. Have you followed the steps above?

  8. What, clearing the cache/history/et cetera? If so, then yes.

  9. Then follow the Contact Support one. Also supply browser and version information.

  10. Well, I was going to whenever they opened back up... do you happen to know of a solution?

  11. Supply browser and version information. Then we can see about workarounds. Also: It still shows in Manage? Not just on the blog page?

  12. Yes, it shows in Manage and the blog page.

    It seems that I cannot edit nor post. I have attempted to do so in IE 7, Firefox (Mac), and Safari.

  13. According to Alex with WP, there was a datacenter failure and they are working on getting things back up and running. With the amount of traffic on WP, it could take a little bit for things to smooth out.

  14. Good, thanks for the update.

    The overall thread for the failures is here:

  15. Thank you both very much. I appreciate the help.

  16. You're welcome.

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