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Can't Delete Posts

  1. Has anybody been having this problem. I was able to get my post from my old blog imported to the new one and I decided to delete some of the older posts. When deleting them in Manage Posts, after refreshing the page, they reappear as though they weren't deleted. I end up sometimes having to "delete" them 3-5 times for them to go away. I have this issue using Firefox and IE7 on WinXP SP2. URL is

  2. Just wanted to add, the delete problem also happens on another blog that I have. Before, I could delete once and the posts would stay deleted. I'll send an email to support in the morning because I think it is a bug in the system. I also, cleared my browser history and cache so I know it is not a cached page.

  3. Just to update...I can delete posts, but I can only delete two back-to-back then refresh page. If I don't do that, then the others after the first two won't go away. I used to just left-mouse-click on delete and hit enter on the keyboard to delete posts fast, but as long as I use this slower approach, it works.

  4. i'm having this problem as well! and i'm trying to delete 400+ old posts too. it's very frustrating.

  5. @ragmuffyn
    This is a problem that bloggers answering questions on the forum cannot help you with. You need staff help. Support is closed on weekends except for urgent matters and staff make the decision as to what is urgent. There are two options. The first is to wait until Monday and send in a support ticket and the second is to send an email to [email redacted]

  6. thanks for the reply! I'll wait till Monday.

  7. You're welcome and best wishes. :)

  8. I am having a similar problem (I think). I am trying to delete all of my posts. Now I understand there isn't a mass deleting options for this, so I am deleting one by one. Fine. BUT... I delete them and they disappear, but when I got back to that page (manage posts) they are there again -- the posts I had just deleted! Any suggestions? If deleting 150 posts one by one is what I have to do, I'll do it. But I am just deleting them and they keep reappearing! :-(

  9. This thread is marked resolved but I'm having the same problem today. I delete on the Manage Posts page, confirm the deletion, the post disappears but when I refresh or go to another page and come back they are all still there. I can delete one by one on the post page but that will take forever for 200+posts.

  10. @poeticallychallenged and sleepycat3x
    Are you aware that volunteers answering forum questions do not have backend access to blogs and cannot apply any technical fixes? Only staff can do this and Support will be closing in 2 hours and 45 minutes. Here's the link
    Also note that if you are sure to provide as many specifics and as much detail as possible when submitting a ticket staff will not have to waste time getting back to you to ask for them.

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