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Can't delete some comments

  1. Once i've import an xml file into my blog. One day i want to delete all posts and comments and also catgories too. But those comments (I know that it came from imported xml file) did'nt go away even if i 've many try on them.

    Sometimes i alert into every new post i posted, but when we go to the post it disappear.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. schoolanduniversity

    Your comment image is not working link if needed please share it here.. and mind if you can use this plugin would help..

    [signature redacted]

  3. Opz! forget my blog signed private.

    Dear Kevin, but i've this trouble in's blog. How can i catch that plugin?

  4. schoolanduniversity - Plugins cannot be installed on sites and these forums are for sites only. To help folks with self-hosted sites, please head over to the forums:

  5. naraths - I will send you an email so we can sort this out privately.

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