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    I’m trying to create a website for my boss – he wants one page that will be a weekly blog, but also a couple of pages like “about me.” I want only the blog page to be an actual blog, but in designing the website I’m having trouble making the other pages look like normal pages. Also, there is a page entitled “Uncategorized” that I am having difficulty removing. Can anybody help me with these two issues? Any help will be very appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is


    a) The intro you’ve written should be a static page, not a post. The weekly installments should be posts. What you like the blog front to display, the intro or the latest post(s)?

    b) To remove the “Uncategorized” tab, you need to go to Appearance>Menus and edit the menu you have created.



    Thanks very much for the reply. I’d like the front page to be just a biography, not a blog post (I want to get rid of where it says “posted July 20th by ericjlong”).


    Well, apparently you’ve done all you needed to do (except improving the top nav menu). Did you set “Blog” as your posts page in Settings > Reading?

    As for the menu: go to Appearance > Menus, click the cross to create a menu, give it a title (say, My Top Menu), click View All in the Pages module, tick “Home”, “Blog”, “Location” and “Request Information”, click Add to Menu, click Save Menu, select that menu from the pulldown in the Theme Locations module, Save.

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