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Can't disable infinity scroll on Bueno

  1. I've gone through settings, disabled infinite scroll, assigned a 5 post per page limit, yet I still have every post displayed, and in a random order. I've also added a blank text widget in each one of the Footers (There's 3) yet still nothing! Any help would be greatly appreciate I really want to get the blog tidy today!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Infinite scrolling on is disabled. Your issue is that you have erroneously marked all your posts as stickies. Go to Posts > All Posts, tick the Title square to select all the posts on the screen, select Edit from the Bulk Actions pulldown, select Not Sticky from the Sticky pulldown, click Update; repeat procedure for the next page of posts etc.

  3. I have now done that and still everything is displayed on one screen! Any other suggestions?

  4. There are no other suggestions: you just haven't done "that" successfully. When I first checked your blog there were fifty-something sticky posts on your front page; now there are forty of them; so you probably didn't repeat the procedure for pages 2, 3, 4 etc of your posts in Posts > All Posts.

  5. No, every single post is unstickied according to my posts page, and I followed the instruction on every page, there were 5 in total. Footer is in place and checkbox unticked.

  6. Could it be anything to do with Featured Images from previous stickies on iTheme2?

  7. I think i've got it.

  8. According to 'All posts' there were no 'stickies' left, but in the top section there was still a 'stick'y section. Thanks I hope this works.

  9. Yes, now your front page is back to normal.

    For the record, I checked the sourcecode of your front page before replying, and the sourcecode cannot tell lies: if you selected View Source from the View menu of your browser and searched for the word "sticky" you'd find this forty times:

    id="post-[POST NUMBER]" class="post-[POST NUMBER] post type-post status-publish format-standard sticky hentry category-[ETC ETC]

    Your front page wasn't telling lies either: stickies in Bueno don't display the date.

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