Can’t disable Snap Preview Anywhere using Opera

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    The Second Life virtual environment company just added Snap Preview Anywhere to it’s blog site, and there’s supposed to be a way to disable the use of this feature-aggravation, but you can’t put the cursor on the “Disable everywhere” option using the Opera browser because as soon as you move the cursor into the area that houses the “Disable everywhere” option the browser jumps to the linked page.

    Anyone know how to disable the Snap Preview Anywhere under these circumstances?



    We give support only. I don’t know a thing about the second life context. On your blog you can disable it here => Presentation => Extras
    look for the checkbox on the left hand side where it says:
    “These are general extras that you can enable for your entire blog.
    ____ Enable Snap Preview Anywhere on this blog” and uncheck it then click “Update Extras”.



    My name is Erik Wingren and I head up UX Research for — the company behind the Snap Preview Anywhere™ service.

    It seems like we have some CSS issues in the Opera browser. We will jump on this right away and fix it.

    In the meantime — users on the Opera browser, that want to disable Snap Preview Anywhere globally can click this link to set a cookie.

    Please note: You may have to reload any open pages with Snap Preview code on them for the changes to take effect. If you delete your cookies, Snap Preview Anywhere will be re-activated for all sites automatically.


    Erik Wingren



    I had issues with Opera when I had my old blog at Blogger. Alot of the dashboard features and posting features were gone. I use the new updated Firefox browser now.



    I have to remember that link. Gotta admit that while I like the idea of Snap, those unannounced popups kind of bug me. Sort of like spam popups.

    But that’s just me and I have no problem supporting them here.

    Thanks for the link.



    Eric, that is impressive customer service. Thanks for posting that message.



    Indeed he had it up there 10 minutes after my own post was made. I’ll just bettcha he one of us wordpress bloggers.;)

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