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Can't display post text correctly; get "continue reading" msg

  1. When I "view" a post it displays correctly as a list but when I link to the post in the sidebar it comes out all as one paragraph all run together with "continue reading -->". When I click "continue reading" it displays correctly. How can I get rid of the "continue reading" and make it display the whole post?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your sidebar links aren't links to posts, they are links to post categories. Many themes display full posts on category pages but some themes (including the one you're using) display excerpts.
    So normally the answer to your question would be switch to a different theme.
    But in your case the answer is you need to re-work things.
    a) A post category is a group of related posts. Filing each post under a category that has the same title as the post is meaningless.
    b) What you've published should be published as static pages, not posts. Then you can display links to all the pages in the top menu, or create two custom menus in order to display some of the pages in the menu and some in the sidebar.

  3. Thanks for the very good explanation of the question.
    What I wanted to do is have the links in a sidebar; can I link to "Pages" in a sidebar?

  4. You're welcome.

    Of course you can link to pages in the sidebar. How you'll do it depends on what you want in the sidebar and what you want in the header menu.
    As I already said, if you want some of the links in the header menu and some in the sidebar,one way to do it is create two custom menus (in Appearance > Menus), set the one as your "primary" menu (so that it shows in the header) and make the other show in the sidebar by adding a Custom Menu widget.

  5. Thanks again; I think I get it now. I'll try the widget.

  6. Your suggestion worked great; so easy once you know how.
    Can you close this topic (I don't know how)?

  7. You're welcome, and I'm glad you found custom menus easy!

    Neither you not I can close a thread: only staff and moderators can (if there's a reason). What you do is mark it as resolved.

  8. Ok; topic is resolved; thanks justpi...

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